Treehouses' Charter


  1. My family, my friends and I have to use this accomodation  in a reasonable manner. It means that you don't have to make too much noise and degradations in your treehouse or around. We must use our treehouse as a quiet place. We don't have to take any risk (for example use a lighter). It's forbidden to smoke in the treehouses and your alcohol consuption is under our responsability... We can refuse people who have drunk too much.
  2. We will respect the quiet between 9:00PM and 8:00AM the next morning. 
  3. Everyone has to respect the loveliness and the cleanliness of the place. You have to remove your shoes off the treehouses…. We will leave the treehouse before 11:00AM.
  4. Children under 14 years old can't be alone on the accesses (docks, rope bridges, stairs…) for evident safety reasons. They must be accompanied and overseen when they take accesses. In the treehouse, adults have to watch them, they don't have to be alone into. Paents are the only responsables. We don't have to be many people in the treehouse or on a terrace. Only the occupants can have access on the terrace. You cannot visit other treehouses even if the other customers agree, of course for safety reasons. In case of capacity overrun, the direction dismisses any responsability. Anymore people can't visit the treehouse, for safety reasons.
  5. Any food or other thing from the treehouse can be brought out of the treehouse.
  6. In order to respect the accomodation and the environment, we will not accept any damage of the treehouse or the forest. We don't accept pets.
  7. Cars have to stay on the car park next to the road and cannot be near to the treehouses or the welcome building, except in case of emergency or for people with reduced mobility. 
  8. Plants and stones of the place cannot be damaged. Nobody can go into the reed...
  9. You will be advertized if you have unsafe behaviours. If you do again these kinds of behaviours, you will be left out of the site with no repayment. 
  10. the direction dismisses any responsability in case of you will not supervize your children or if you don't respect the rules above.
  11. You have to receive an authorization if you want to use of the wood square in the middle of the site in order to make a fire. In this case, the fire has to be limited and you can only use it for midday or before the night...